Traditional Swiss Dishes

On Friday, March 22nd, 2013, IT&IP SA (Japan) will co-organize the first “Swiss event” in Fukuoka, with the assistance of the French Institute in Fukuoka. Guests will be able to eat and drink wonderful Swiss traditional dishes and wines. This event takes place during the “Semaine de la Francophonie”.

Since 1995, all French-speaking countries organize in March of every year special events all around the world in order to celebrate and make the French language, French-speaking countries and their cultures better known. About one thousand events happen worldwide, including in Japan.

In order to raise awareness about Switzerland, and in particular French-speaking Suisse-romande among local people in Fukuoka region, it was decided to organize a 2-hours food tasting event where wines from Vaud would be offered along with raclette cheese from Valais

This event will be co-sponsorized by the Swiss Embassy, Switzerland Tourism and the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

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