Stage 1

Research & Study

This company is located in Asakura (Fukuoka pref.) and produces premium sake (Nihonshu) as well as shochu. Shinozaki’s company is actively seeking new markets in foreign countries as the general trend of local consumption is dropping.

After looking and tasting at their products we quickly could help them on identifying the most interesting for European and American markets. They also created products that are more attractive for foreigners.

Stage 2


In that context we needed to provide a clean communication services including the development of a complete website that follows the requirement of the target countries in terms of language (English), including a rebranding of their current visual material as well as transcreation services.

Stage 3


After the redesign process we started to develop the website as well their flyer and Corporate & Product Brochure for their coming fairs in Europe. We also provided a photo shooting service for their staff and also for their products in order to have high resolution pictures to provide to their clients. All steps took only 6 weeks of work ! This large project has been another successful collaboration with our partner MIZUtrans Corporation.


Corporate & Products Brochure

Complete Branding


Responsive Web Development

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