Introducing our New Logo

ITIP is proud to introduce its new corporate identity. As of today, this new logo will be used on our website, letterhead, business cards and all company documentation. A company evolves over the years and while its core identity remains the same, it is always exciting to reflect the spirit of the time and offer a fresh look to your partners and clients.

With this idea in mind, our team has come with this new and more simple design that combines our four core letters, ITIP, in a powerful and easy-to-recognize shape.

We hope that this will appeal to our clients and partners’ sensibility as it did to our team’s. Feel free to let us know what you think about it!

Everything in a Square

Information Technology, Intellectual Property: IT&IP. Those are two of our first services that encompassed much more, from Business to Law Consulting. These four letters had to become the center of our new logo, and when you have such a simple number we challenged ourselves to simplify as much as possible to its purest form : a square. The second challenge was to come up with a pre-final version under 48 hours.

To complete the logo !
Cups Of Coffee

Hand drawing


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