Behind the scenes

The Video of our Homepage has been done in Tokyo during our last visit there. The vintage look is not a post-processing effect, but the direct recording result of a small palm sized camera that is now discontinued. It’s video resolution is only 640×480 pixels and the camera was built to have this 8mm video retro-look. Even better, just to keep things interesting, each production run of the cameras was intended to be slightly different. On a monthly basis, the image quality was to be tweaked, the lens might be changed…

Here below the Digital Harinezumi at night with a 2 layered mouse paralax effect…

Oh…and some Video Editing

What was interesting about the video beyond the color and rendering effect, was the speed distortion due to the slow captor. It enabled to get nice blurs of colors when an advertisement would be close to the window.

The video was easily upscaled and edited with Adobe After Effects by adding some fading, a music score and the necessary credits. Additional effects may be added in the future with other videos.

The score was done by Skywide a talented Texas based artist that is about to release his first LP ! Please have a look at his work here and support him on his FB page !

On top of our professional photo shooting services we can also help you to have dynamic and appealing short videos for your company, don’t hesitate to ask us !