Green Tea at its finest

IT&IP Strategy Advisory Group SA (Japan) is proud to announce the launch of one of its biggest web projects to date in Japan: IKKYU (

IKKYU is an online shop that offers the largest selection of premium green teas from all over Kyushu (south-western Japan) to customers overseas, in English and French (more languages will be added in the coming months).

IKKYU showcases the extraordinary choice and quality of Japanese green tea from no less than 5 different prefectures in Kyushu (Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Nagasaki). Many of them are extremely rare teas that are very hard to find outside Japan due to specific production skills that are almost lost today. The catalogue includes blends of lesser known tea cultivars that create green teas boasting a variety of aromas and fragrances that cannot be found elsewhere.

Organic sencha from Chiran (Kagoshima), award-winning gyokuro from Yame (Fukuoka), pan-fried organic kamairi cha from Miyazaki, the hidden jewel shiraore from Higashi-Sonogi (Nagasaki), fragrant tamaryoku cha from Kumamoto: all these exceptional green teas can be found on IKKYU. We took great care to carefully explain the brewing process for each of them, based on the recommendations from the producers themselves. Why don’t you try one yourself today?

More than a webshop

For the design of this website, IT&IP chose from the onset to allow visitors to fully immerge themselves in the world of green tea. Besides the products themselves, the main features are the beauty of Kyushu island and the actors behind the tea, the producers themselves. No other green tea related websites are giving such importance not only to the product and the producers but also to all these moments that composes the brewing of a good green tea : the true essence of contemplation. 

In order to instill such feeling we removed all the distractions that usually entails the user experience when browsing general webshops. No pop-ups, special offers and aggressive advertisements.

We wanted to create a space to quietly enjoy the experience of browsing a large selection of the finest tea you can find and learn about the product, how to easily brew and enjoy it.

Priority was given to large pictures that would tell the story themselves. From a technical point of view, the website has been entirely developed from scratch from a functional HTML 5 responsive layout to a PHP/MySQL driven website including the check-out / payment system. 

Branding & Logo

Not only was IT&IP in charge of the UX/UI and graphic design of the website, but we were honored to also create a new logo as well as the whole packaging design.

From choosing the materials to finding original ways to display a coherent line of information about the products everything was thought to help the consumer to perfectly brew and enjoy his tea. Different redundant information and simple iconography make it simple to always have the right brewing information even if you loose the original wrapping.

The logo had to express simplicity yet convey all the nuances that the final product is able to deliver. This project also made the whole team adopt green tea as it’s preferred beverage ! Combining a healthy drink with increased focus : all benefit !

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