The Challenge

Attract more local people to visit the distillery and help to reach out to the foreign community. Ebisu Distillery wanted to set up an information page about their products in a quick and simple way. They already had a Japanese online shop but wanted to present their product and company to foreign buyers. They requested a single-page website design in English with all key information.

Read & Re-write !

Ebisu Distillery specializes in Shochu but Western buyers don’t know much about this (what is made of? How do you taste it? etc.) The look of their website in Japanese was too confusing and not enough informative for a global audience: the text had to be analyzed and rewritten for the target audience: it had to be transcreated.


We delivered an efficient one-page website that not only presents Ebisu company and history, as well as its products, but also how to enjoy Shochu based on their documentation. We also gave some advices on how to attract foreign people and increase sales with coupons or group discounts. This website has also been developed with the help of our partners MIZUtrans corp.


In order to give the best guidance in a very quick way, we used the already existing illustrations of the Distillery character, (Ranbiki-kun) and used it on the products showcase & Gallery.

We were also happy to assist this family run distillery to make a short photo session for portraits.

The whole project was delivered within a month.

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