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Consulting & Business

Exporting your products and services, working in a globalized environment, dealing with clients and partners located abroad: global skills and knowledge are required but also local connections and expertise that provide key information on the economic and political trends on specific market sectors.

In collaboration with MizuTrans Corp., we provide tailor-made services to accompany your company abroad or to make it visible and attractive to foreign buyers, partners or investors.

Indeed, we understand that working with foreign partners is not just about translation and interpretation: both our companies understand the priceless value of collaboration between Japanese and non-Japanese business partners.

We combine our business networks to create more opportunities. Through our partnership and mutual trust, we build bridges over cultural and business differences.

General consulting services

  • Strategies for international development
  • Analysis of potential markets or business opportunities
  • General consulting services and strategy development for market entry
  • Assistance for starting and negotiating commercial and partnership negotiations with local partners
  • Marketing and communication strategies
  • Export consultancy
  • Intercultural business consulting services

Market Research and Analysis

  • Market research and analysis on specific sectors/products of interest
  • Research on specific topics
  • Intelligence studies to discern emerging trends in sectors of interest
  • Feasibility studies and competition analysis

Partners’ research

  • Research of strategic partners, ventures partners, commercial agreements
  • Nominative lists of companies operating in designated sectors of the market
  • Research of qualified producers and suppliers, as well as distribution channels

Web Development

As an early actor in this area, ITIP SA is proud to offer it consultancy and project management services but also professional development resources in order to study, design, develop implement or just improve any web project.

With our multilingual skills we cover various foreign markets, not only English speaking countries. Our goal is to bring together our experience, knowledge and skills to make it easier for Kyushu companies to internationalize their products and services and to attract foreign clients and customers.

Thanks to our in-depth understanding of our respective home cultures, we can go beyond interpretation to achieve transcreation of language and visual material, and explain the expectations of the target market or foreign partner.

We are able to generate accurate communication material and provide efficient marketing advices.

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We offer scalable web-based services to any size company across any verticals: high tech, retail, services, real estate, finance, and many more. Also we will assist you in all SEO marketing aspects, from email campaigns, social media, SEO/SEM, media placement or any other requested online marketing channel.

ITIP SA is currently using and implementing several CMS/CRM open source software which allow you to take very quickly and easily control of your content and information after the design and setup of your website.

Any of these services may be offered in a multi-language environment (English, Italian, French, Japanese). We also specialize in the setup of personal, secured and encrypted data sharing systems as alternatives of Dropbox as well as secured communication channels.

Our professional web designers have created many websites and also succeeded in brand improvements. We are a result-driven company who deeply understand our customers and deliver on all performance objectives.

We deliver all of these and more : 

  • Creation and/or transcreation of promotional tools in French, English, German, Italian, Japanese and Chinese languages (brochures, company profiles, catalogs, web sites)
  • Web and app development & marketing, including online shops
  • Intranet Development and secured file sharing systems implementation
  • Professional photo shooting of staff and products

Graphic Design & Branding

We take into consideration your marketing goals and develop a comprehensive plan focusing on your target.

Finding the right face for your brand and promoting it efficiently is essential to your business success. Depending on your target market, adapting your visual identity might be necessary to communicate directly with your customers and partners.

Through striking imagery and effective strategies our artists and planners approach your organization, your product, or your service with fresh eyes and a dedication to setting your organization apart. We want to identify your passions and translate it to your consumers in a way that they will understand through their cultural expectations.

IT&IP SA will assist you in developing a tailor-made branding for Western markets at large or for specific countries, thanks to our multilingual and multicultural team.

Whether you are a part of an organization that has established a brand and are looking for a review of your professional image, or you are just starting out, you might benefit from talking to one of our staff at no cost to you.  We can facilitate a project discovery and evaluate solutions based on your needs with no commitment. Please contact us today!

We deliver all of these and more : 

  • Corporate and product logos
  • Look & feel
  • Collateral materials such as brochures, press kits, outreach materials (print and online)
  • Stationary
  • Training materials and internal communications
  • Annual reports
  • Promotional materials
  • Professional photo shooting

ITIP SA Corporate Training

Our cross-cultural business training will teach your management and staff about how to negotiate with companies and people from foreign countries.

To be successful in an international business environment, it is not enough to speak a foreign language or to work with skilled translators.

Above all, it is important to understand what your business partners expect and what is important and relevant to them. Because each country is different, each country will have a different business culture. What you know of the American or Chinese way of doing business will not work in Sweden or in Germany.

With our Corporate Training seminar learn:

  • How different values, attitudes and expectations shape the way people do business.
  • Key knowledge about cultural behavior and values to adapt your communication and successfully resolve problems during negotiations.
  • How your foreign business partners make decisions and what are the most relevant issues for them for closing a deal.
  • How to adapt to your various partners and what you should learn about them before hand.
  • How humor, personal life, punctuality or hierarchy play a different role for doing business in every country.

If your company communicates daily with foreign colleagues, partners, clients or suppliers, you will benefit from our Foreign Business Cultures training.

Public :

  • Staff and management of companies working with foreign clients or with overseas offices.
  • Business professionals preparing themselves for a business trip or for a long stay abroad.

Our Foreign Business Cultures Corporate Training is given in a three-hours block seminar open to 7-15 participants. Depending on the client’s request the training can be given in English exclusively or in both English and Japanese. A two-person’s team manages the course, which also includes some role-playing situations.

On demand, we also provide tailor-made in-house trainings to companies focusing on specific countries and needs.

Information Security & IT Governance

Today, information is one of the most critical assets of your day-to-day business. It should be part of any organization’s risk and compliance strategy but also consolidated by an ongoing improvement process.

Indeed, with Cyber Crime, a whole new criminal venue commits fraud, exploits and steals intellectual property and costs organizations millions of dollars and individuals their identity.

Cyber Crime can include unauthorized electronic funds transfers, electronic manipulation of share markets, dissemination of misleading advertising information or offensive content, computer hacking, vandalism and viruses, theft of telecommunications and Internet services. This is why implementing an adequate information security should be a key part of your risk management and governance strategy.

ITIP SA provides consulting services and help in most aspects of corporate information security, as well as Risk Management issues and needs. Not only can we help you to manage your risk in a pragmatic and action- oriented methodology, but most of all to build long term programs that can achieve and show measurable results within your organization and to your stakeholders.

In that context, you will be able to verify compliance and make sure that your risk is being managed rather than completely avoided or minimized. These programs, based on industry standards, are meant to assess and implement effective information security in a continuous process of improvement cycle.

In addition, Information Security Awareness training seminars are organized in Fukuoka for managers and employees concerned about the security of their company and wishing to increase their level of knowledge about this issue. Our seminars cover many aspects of today’s information security trends and threats, such as spear phishing, social engineering or password management. They also provide a better insight of what should be an information security culture among staff and within a company.