Dr. Joëlle Sambuc Bloise

Joëlle Sambuc Bloise, 1978, PhD in law, holder of the Swiss bar certification, based in Fukuoka, member of the Board and General Manager of the Fukuoka office. After several years as a teaching and research assistant at the University of Geneva and studies that led to a PhD in international public law that won several prestigious awards, she practiced law in several fields, including Commercial Law, Contract Law, Civil and Criminal Laws, along her activities within ITIP SA.

She opened the ITIP Branch office in Japan and with Aldo Bloise, has contributed to the development its activities in Japan. Dr. Sambuc Bloise set up and implemented operations for expanding business consulting operations to key sectors such as cleantech, medtech, IT-tech and biotech between Europe and Japan. In 2011, Dr. Sambuc Bloise was also an instructor at the Temple University, Tokyo Campus (Political Science Department) and since 2012, she is a lecturer at Seinan and Nakamura Universities, Fukuoka.

Aldo Bloise

Aldo Bloise, 1972, CISSP certified IT professional, based in Fukuoka, Deputy General Manager of ITIP SA Japanese branch. After running a Multimedia agency for Eugene Chaplin, he worked for more than ten years in the private banking sector, first as web solution developer and then as an IT security manager and Consultant.

Aldo Bloise is also in charge of the IT and Design of ITIP which services include Information Security Consulting and teaching seminars as well as web development from CMS, CRM’s, collaborative tools to multi-language websites and shops in Japan. He is also the head of the Branding and Design activities of the company providing a complete range of services from logo and brochure design to photo shooting.