At the request of SBH Tokyo, ITIP prepared teaser documents to provide Swiss Fintech companies with the key aspects of the Fintech market in Japan.

With regulatory changes implemented only recently, the Japanese Fintech market is still at an early stage. However, the main financial institutions in the private sector as well as the government are keen to catch up and use technologies from overseas to boost efficiency and create more cost-effective processes.

Among several core areas of interests, the fields of Blockchain tech, Cryptocurrencies, Digitization, Payment and remittance-related fields, Big data, Fund management, Investment/operational and Information services, were identified.

For Swiss Fintech companies, specialized in Investing and Asset management, Online accounting services, Crypto and IT security, Insurance and Payment solutions, this represents exciting opportunities for expanding their business.

Please visit the Swissbiz Fintech Page to get a complete overview of these opportunities !

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