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IT & IP Strategy Advisory Group SA (ITIP SA) is a family company, established in 1982, with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, an international city renowned for its high profile and attractiveness for trade and finance. The core of its activities are legal consulting, IT-related services, business promotion and advice. Since 2009, IT & IP SA has set up a branch office in Fukuoka, Japan.

We see Kyushu and Fukuoka as being promising and full of opportunities for international development. We firmly believe that key to this development is a close collaboration between local companies and foreign consultants that are able to provide keys to overcome traditional hurdles for Japanese companies.

Building on our top legal and business expertise, we offer key services and advising in business promotion, transcultural communication, market research and international trade. We work in close collaboration with Fukuoka-based MizuTrans Corp., specialized in transcreation, interpretation, translation and tours in Kyushu region.

Other important areas of activities include providing companies and institutions wishing to evaluate their IT risk exposure with in-depth information security and IT governance consulting.

We help Japanese companies successfully enter markets, develop appropriate marketing and communication strategies and find investments, select partners as well as establish ventures and alliances in Europe, notably through Switzerland.

Our primary activities in Japan cover outbound & inbound international business :

01. Outbound

Strategic consulting and marketing support regarding Western markets, with tailor-made internationalization strategies suitable for SMEs, larger companies or even public institutions that aim at promote their region abroad.

02. Inbound

we provide consulting and communication services to local institutions or organizations in Japan that wish to boost the visibility of their city or regions among foreign visitors (tourism) or to attract foreign investors or companies.

The Team

Dr. Joëlle Sambuc Bloise

Joëlle Sambuc Bloise, 1978, PhD in law, holder of the Swiss bar certification, based in Fukuoka, member of the Board of ITIP SA. After several years as a teaching and research assistant at the University of Geneva and studies that led to a PhD in international public law that won several prestigious awards, she practiced law in several fields, including Commercial Law, Contract Law, Civil and Criminal Laws.

With Aldo Bloise, she has contributed to the development of ITIP activities in Japan. Dr. Sambuc Bloise set up and implemented operations for expanding business consulting operations to key sectors such as cleantech, medtech, IT-tech and biotech between Europe and Japan. In 2011, Dr. Sambuc Bloise was also an instructor at the Temple University, Tokyo Campus (Political Science Department) and since 2012, she is a lecturer at Seinan University, Fukuoka.

Aldo Bloise

Aldo Bloise, 1972, CISSP certified IT professional, based in Fukuoka, Deputy General Manager of ITIP SA Japanese branch. After running a Multimedia agency for Eugene Chaplin, he worked for more than ten years in the private banking sector, first as web solution developer and then as an IT security manager and Consultant.

Aldo Bloise is also in charge of the IT and Design of ITIP which services include web development from HTML5, CMS, CRM’s, collaborative tools to multi-language websites and shops in Japan as well as Information Security Consulting and teaching seminars. He is also the head of the Branding and Design activities of the company providing a complete range of services from logo and brochure design to photo shooting.


MizuTrans Corp is IT&IP partner since 2014. Together they have developed specific services to assist private and public entities in Kyushu in their efforts for reaching out to audiences overseas and attract inbound business.

Relying on decades of experience, MizuTrans offers top-notch translation, interpretation and tour monitoring services, as well as strategic analysis and consulting.

Their deep understanding and highly refined skills in Japanese business negotiation are key to create the right conditions needed to succeed long term business in Japan.

Based in Fukuoka since 1985, Open Mind, KK has an extensive human network and a long history of collaboration. Together with our strategic partners, we offer technology, advice, and communication services to a wide range of projects.

We work with tech-related entrepreneurs, established global businesses, Japanese governmental organizations, educational institutions, such as Kyushu University and Heinz College, Carnegie Melon University (Australia.) We proudly assist social entrepreneurs in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the USA, and Africa, to achieve their goals in both domestic and international markets.

Search Simple is a Japan based executive search firm.  We are a specialist boutique that provides a high level of rigour and agility to create talent solutions for clients.  All the while striving to embody the human elements of recruitment, namely, service oriented, discreet & ethical. 

Search Simple’s core strength is building teams in the Corporate Governance (Legal, Compliance & Government Affairs) fields across Asia region.  Clients span industries, with emphasis on Enterprise Tech, digital platforms and hyper-growth disruptive companies seeking market entry and expansion.  We’re equipped  to address current gulf in talent between leaders and emerging class of leaders among Ethical AI, IoT, AgTech etc.  We are candidate focussed but client driven.

Customer demands and international markets are changing rapidly. To face that challenge, new ways for engaging with customers and a better use of resources have to be created.

ICT Factory core business is about providing our customers assistance during their Digital Transformation Process during all steps, from the strategic planning to the implementation of new business processes. This includes training, coaching, advisory and support. We also offer services in the areas of Information Security, Enterprise Architecture, Coding, FinTech and IoT, backed by over twenty years of experience and an extensive network of business partners.

The objective of our business in Fukuoka is to grow as a Japanese-Swiss exchange platform supporting Japanese and international companies.

We are proud to collaborate with IT&IP, an IT advisory company, based in Fukuoka and with 10 years business experiences in the local market.

Since its establishment, iCubes has helped enterprises on strategic business development, business process re-engineering and IT solution implementation. More recently, iCubes has expanded its global scope by working with startup companies in the US and overseas to research new innovations and incorporate their advanced technology into our services.

Through these partnerships, iCubes is able to provide reliable solutions to its customers and has successfully been supporting startup businesses globally.

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